Group Fitness Classes


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If you are wanting to keep your favourite Group Fitness Classes running please come and support them! We are giving the classes with low attendance 2 weeks to pick up some numbers and keep their spots on the timetable- So come and help out!  The classes on the gym board are all up to date so make sure you check it out next time you’re in.



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2 thoughts on “Group Fitness Classes

  1. Hi All! Do come and try out the Metcon, Core Conditioning and Military Assault courses run by the “just a little bit awesome and far too fit” Adrian! All offer a seriously intense workout with heaps of variety so you won’t get stale or bored! Don’t think you need a longer time to improve your fitness/really get a workout. “Short, sharp, intense & regular” can really work! The excellent music is just a bonus! :-)

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