” I’ve played t…

” I’ve played this game through broken bones, torn muscles, tendons and ligaments, through illness, sleep deprivation, surgery’s and depression….. it will never beat me…… I will never stop living ” – Coach Doyle

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3 thoughts on “” I’ve played t…

  1. Hi Sara, thanks we are still redesigning at the moment! Hope your enjoying being back home. How is study going? Hope all is going well, stay strong :)

  2. Hi crew!

    I just have to say that the new website looks amazing, well done!
    Hope you’re all doing well on the other side of the planet. Despite the traditional, cold Swedish summer (nowhere close to 40 degrees would you believe) I’m pretty good over here, lifting heavier than ever before and seeing some great results. I miss you all (if you’re a member and reading this – yes! You too) and love when you put up pictures of the renovations and projects that are going on. Keep up the good work, you are such a fantastic team! Best of luck for the future, and I hope to see you all soon!

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