Comprehending Coverage for Dental Health in Health Insurance 

As children we were always advised to take good care of our health, including dental health. However, as adults, how much do we actually care about our teeth? The biggest healthcare mistake we make is ignoring our dental health! 

Apart  from taking care of our dental health it is also important to get yourself covered for the same. Medical inflation is on the rise, and dental care is no exception. Thus, having a health insurance policy that adequately covers your dental health can give you peace of mind. 

In the article below, let’s understand whether your cashless health insurance incorporates dental health or not and how!

Let us begin with understanding medical dental coverage in your health insurance plan!

 Dental Health Cover 

When dental health is concerned, it can be the base cover, benefit, or a rider to your existing health insurance. A dental cover refers to the coverage your insurance providers provide against any dental care costs incurred due to treatment, surgery, or consultations. This provides a safety cushion in case of severe surgeries related to your teeth or gums! Most reputed companies like TATA AIG provide dental plans and cover in abundance for your health care.

 Dental Health Policy 

As mentioned above, there are also standalone dental policies created just for your dental health. Under these policies, you can receive coverage for a variety of dental treatments. If you are worried about your dental health and can observe it weakening, you can go for these standalone policies that have dental health coverage as the base cover of the policy. 


Now, let us look at what ailments this policy covers:

  1. Jaw surgery
  2. Root canal surgery
  3. Dental implants
  4. Bone grafting
  5. Tooth extractions
  6. Tooth fillings
  7. Anaesthesia, surgery, injections due to illness/accident


There are also a few exclusions in your medical dental coverage. Hence, it is always advisable to read the terms and conditions of the policy before purchasing. Let us have a look.

  1. In most cases, pre-existing dental conditions are excluded. If ever they are included, they come with a long waiting period.
  2. Cosmetic surgeries for jaw alignment
  3. Cosmetic dental surgery
  4. Braces for teeth alignment
  5. Any surgery or treatment that does not come under health necessities

 Claim Procedure For Dental Insurance 

  1. Inform the insurance-providing company about the necessary medical procedure as soon as possible.
  2. Submit all the necessary documents to support your claim. Following are the common documents you need to provide in order to get your claim verified:
  1. Policy papers
  2. Claim form
  3. Doctor’s certificate and consultation
  4. Pharmacy, treatment, and hospital bill
  1. The insurance company will start their process of verification, assess the case, and accept or deny your claim accordingly. 

Benefits of Dental Health Coverage in Your Health Insurance Policy

  •  Dental Procedures Covered 

Dental problems like wisdom toothache and tooth decay, increasing cavities, etc., are extremely painful. Moreover, with the price hikes, you will definitely feel the weight on your wallet. Now, if you have to deal with all the finances over and above the pain, it can be very stressful. The dental health cover will surely be a sigh of relief for you.

  •  Preventative Healthcare 

Not just treatments or surgeries, the dental policy covers your consultation costs, too. The preventative care allowance is extremely beneficial since it is considered a good practice to visit the dentist for a routine check-up. 

  •  Cashless Treatments 

Insurance companies have a list of hospitals in their network, referred to as network hospitals, that offer the policyholders cashless services. Cashless policies offer a stress-free hospital or clinic visit at the time of treatments and consultation. This means the policyholder need not pay at the time of treatment, and the insurance company settles the bill for them (according to the proportion mentioned in the policy).

  •  Tax-benefits 

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India, you are permitted to deduct the premium payments of your health insurance plan (₹25,000 on your premiums annually). This poses a good benefit for you as the policyholder!

Wrapping Up

With the dental health cover add-on on your health insurance policy, you get to enjoy financial benefits, relief, and good teeth! Having a dental cover may also inspire you to take preventive dental care and hence keep you distant from expensive and painful dental procedures.

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