The Final Chapters Of Pregnancy: Transition From Expectation To Motherhood

Pregnancy is a magical experience for couples, especially for expecting mothers. There are numerous changes a woman comes across in her mind and body from the moment she knows she’s pregnant.

The pregnancy period is roughly estimated as 9 months, broken down into three trimesters. The last one is the most dramatic trimester of all. In that, too, the 8th month is even more happening.

Let’s discuss the changes an 8 months pregnant (ท้อง 8 เดือน, which is the term in Thai), expecting mother experiences at physical, mental and emotional fronts:

Bodily Changes

In the 8th month of pregnancy, the fetus is almost completely developed and is in its nurturing phase. The mother’s belly is fully enlarged and prominent. The movements of the baby can be seen through the abdomen.Since the fetus is fully developed, its nutritional requirements and the mother increase. A balanced diet is the primary necessity at this stage.

Apart from diet, expecting mothers should also practice stretching and prescribed exercises to provide ample movement and space for the baby in the womb.

The weight of the fully developed fetus makes the lower abdomen heavy, making it uncomfortable for the mother to move, sit and stand for long. Swollen legs and back pain are also common.

The unborn’s increased weight and size exerts some pressure on the female’s urinary bladder. This results in frequent urination and the inability to hold urine.The increased demand for blood and nutrition calls for a rich diet. Complications like anemia, shortness of breath, tiredness, etc., can be seen if compromised.The daily routine of an 8 months pregnant mother should be a balanced blend of rest, movement and nutrition. They should refrain from any activity affecting the child’s normal development. Lifting heavy weight and fasting are the two things that expecting mothers should avoid completely.

A Period Of Emotional Rollercoaster

Not only the body but the expectant mother’s mind also undergoes change throughout pregnancy. The 8th month, being dramatic, as described earlier, is hectic at the emotional level too.

The excitement of giving birth to a life, the fear of a permanent change, bodily concerns and many other thoughts call for an unstable period at the emotional level. All the mentioned emotions can be felt in a matter of hours.

Not only physical but near-expecting mothers need utmost mental support too. Family, friends and partners should ensure that the child and the mother get comfortable surrounding this crucial stage.

Changes During The 8th Month In A Nutshell

  • Increased belly size, signifying the complete development of the fetus
  • Prominent baby movements mark the life inside the womb
  • The developing child can sense things such as the mother’s voice
  • Apparent nesting behavior of mothers preparing the house for the arriving member, organizing clothes, arranging the baby’s things
  • Hormonal changes resulting in mood swings and emotional upheavals


Motherhood is a superpower, and pregnancy is a miracle. Women during pregnancy encounter change at many levels every day for nine months straight. In the 8th month, when there is only one month left for delivery, prominent changes can be seen from the prominent belly to the child’s movement. Hormonal changes result in a surge of emotions too. Expecting mothers need utmost care and support during the final stage of pregnancy.

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