Therapist or Counselor?

A therapist is a term used for anyone who has been trained in some manner in psychotherapy or talk therapy such as when you might look for a counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ. A counselor, is a more general term applied to any mental health person who has been trained to offer help to people to overcome certain life difficulties with short-term care. Some need to have a license and some do not depending on where in the country they operate.

Psychotherapist or therapist

Most of the time this refers to someone with a master’s degree and in some cases a doctorate degree in this area. These counseling therapists in Brick NJ call themselves psychological therapists or just therapists. They are trained in the things like DBT or dialectical behavioral therapy and CBT cognitive behavioral therapy, but have less training in areas a psychologist trains harder in like psychological research, assessment and theory. A therapist focuses more on treatment usually within a more narrowed field of practice.

Some of the master’s they might have studied include a MAP, Masters of Arts in Psychology, MCSW, Master of Science Clinical Social Work, MABA, Master of Science in Applied behavioral Analysis and MLFT, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. These programs take two to three years in addition to the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. There is then the time when they have to be supervised in the field when they pass their exams. They then only see patients who fall under the area they have specifically focussed on and they should have a license to practice legally.

A counselor

A counselor does not have the same kind of training that a therapist or psychologist has. Some have a bachelor’s degree and then can get a license, but some states allow professionals to work with just an associate’s degree. They do usually then need to work a number of supervised hours before being on their own. Not all of them have to get a license to work. Typically training is in fields such as marriage counseling, career and school counseling or substance abuse or alcohol abuse counseling. For certain areas of counseling to act as a counseling therapist in Brick NJ like mental health, grief or rehabilitation a person would need to get a master’s degree


You have therapists and psychologists on one side of mental health professionals and their type of training, and then counselors on the other end. They all have a place in helping people and there is a lot of overlap in how that happens and some of their training, and so on. You will find that therapists and psychologists cost more to see than counselors. The latter focus on life challenges rather than on mental health conditions. Counselors tend to see people for a shorter period of time too. Whether you see a counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ or other mental health professional is down to your needs and preferences.

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