What is a Physiotherapist?

What is a Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist is a trained health professional who focuses on helping people with physical problems that are affecting their lives. These may be caused by a range of things such as injury, accidents, old age and illness. A physio Perth residents would recommend, is someone who has educated themselves, and should have a license to operate. Movement is essential to all of us, and when it becomes restricted it can have a real impact on people not living their lives to the fullest because of pain and limitations. A physiotherapist uses rehabilitation and treatment to maximise a patient’s movement using things like therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and other modalities.

Where do you see physios working?

There are a lot of places you might find the best physio in Perth other than looking for clinics. They also work in women’s health, in occupational health and with seniors as well as in hospitals and hospices. They are very highly sought after in a number of settings treating patients in the community, working with companies, schools, offices, athletes and more.

What makes a good physiotherapist?

As you would expect from someone wanting to work in healthcare a physiotherapist needs to be able to build good rapport with their patients. A patient seeing a physio should feel safe and comfortable and have a good understanding of what the sessions are all about and how they can help. Physios should also be able to talk to families and other medical professionals so the patient gets a good all-round approach to their wellbeing. They should be trained, have good judgement and be experts in their field. They should also be able to offer patients advice for home rehabilitation to help with their healing and pain management.

What training do they have to go through?

In order to become a physio in Australia a person needs to have graduated from high school and then studied for a university degree in physiotherapy. You have to pass certain requirements to get in. It is a 4-year course where you learn how to assess, diagnose and offer treatment for patients in a safe and effective manner. After passing a degree you can also study to be a Doctor of Physiotherapy if you wish which is a post-graduate degree and is 3 years long. You also have to register to become a practicing physiotherapist with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia also called the PBA, which is overseen by the AHPRA or Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Without a license even if you have the degree you cannot practice as a therapist. There are then ongoing professional developments a physio Perth must meet to maintain their certification.


The best physio in Perth has a lot to offer in terms of helping you recover from injuries and other things that might be affecting your movement and causing you pain. It is a hands-on job that helps a lot of people. It is certainly something to consider and talk to your doctor about if you are having problems.

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