Types Of Water Filters To Clear The Impurities From Water

What Is A Water Filter?

Water filters are used to restrict all the bacteria,dust or other impurities and turning it into a clean water so that it can be used for drinking purposes. Previously people used to use white,round shaped candles to filter the water , but now there are various types on the basis of the range of impure water that particular area has.

Why Is It Needed?

Filters are needed to wash away all the impurities from water so that it doesn’t cause any harmful effects. Inside the filter, there are also candles, which have some chemical properties. These chemicals help transform the impure water into a cleaned one so that the water can be used for different purposes, like in coffee shops, schools, or restaurants.

How many types of water filters are there? (ไส้ กรอง น้ำ มี กี่ แบบ, which is the term in Thai)

There are quite a good number of filters depending on the water condition of that particular area.

  • UV water filters are the most basic ones. They only kill germs, bacteria, and viruses with UV Rays, but they are incapable of restricting micro living organisms or micro plastic from water. They last for one year as their longevity is too low.
  • Many people like Ro water filters for their excellent performance in cleaning water by turning it into less contaminated water, which can then be used for cooking or drinking purposes in renowned hotels or food joints.
  • Whereas if we will talk about carbon water filters, then it has the capacity to filter colour,odour,chlorines and other heavy metals in water apart from bacteria or viruses.
  • Previously, ceramic filters were used, which can be easily removed for cleaning. These filters remove germs and bacteria and retain the water’s minerals.

How Long Do They Last?

Previously, ceramic filters lasted for 5 to 6 months. It was tedious to manage them as we needed to refill the container once it got emptied. Later came the modern filters, which have chemical properties to kill germs, viruses, or bacteria. The machine remains intact for years; only the candles need to be changed, and it lasts for one year, depending on the quality of the water.


Water filters have numerous properties that clean the impurities and present cleaned water. All water purifiers will not work the same; in areas of water scarcity, high-quality water filters must be used to clean all the impurities. These filters must be checked after three months to prevent diarrhea. Try to buy the filters, which are highly appreciated, as these companies have a personal customer support team who will help you select the correct one for that particular area.

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