A Beginner’s Guide to Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

In the past decade, the Indian Government has worked immensely hard to develop a digital healthcare infrastructure for Indian citizens. The aim behind developing digital healthcare infrastructure was to make things easy and seamless for the citizens in terms of medical facilities and more.

With its recent launch – Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), the Government aims to offer better healthcare services in a more organized manner. Experts believe that ABDM will help fill the gaps between the healthcare ecosystem’s different stakeholders through digital means.

With such initiatives, the once lagging-behind healthcare sector can also benefit through digitization, similar to the education, ecommerce and finance sectors.

If you are thinking about the Ayushman card online apply, we suggest you stick around this blog. It will navigate through the various aspects of ABDM, thereby making you familiar with the concept. 

ABDM mission – what is it?

This government-backed plan, ABDM, is designed to store all the medical health records of an individual on a secured digital platform.

Once a person goes through the Ayushman card apply, he or she is assigned an (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) ABHA ID. This ID gets linked to all the health records and stores the data securely in one place.

You can download your Ayushman Bharat Health card digitally after successful registration and use it at healthcare facilities and insurance firms.

With an Ayushman card at your disposal, you get to experience a seamless treatment experience, given you are able to share your correct health history with your healthcare providers.

The core vision of ABDM

The Indian Government’s core vision behind developing ABDM is to create a robust digital healthcare ecosystem to deliver universal health coverage.

Besides being free, the facility is 100% secure, too.

Your healthcare history will be shared with your doctors, insurance providers and healthcare facilities only when you offer consent. There is no way people will have unauthorized access to your medical data. 

Benefits of ABDM

Some of the many benefits of ABDM include the following –

  • Share all your medical records with your healthcare provider in just a few clicks.
  • This plan can help the Indian Government and healthcare policymakers become aware of the health issues of the Indian citizens. The data gathered through this plan can assist them in creating a more effective and practical healthcare policy for the nation’s betterment.
  • It is your one-stop shop for storing everything from past prescriptions to diagnostic test reports, test results and so on. You can save the hassle of maintaining and storing your medical records manually.
  • Since your healthcare providers can obtain information on your entire health history through the unique health ID, they’ll be in a better position to choose treatments that are best for you. 

Main objectives of ABDM

While there are various objectives behind launching ABDM, the top ones are listed below –

  • Establish better healthcare records management.
  • Using the defined integrity and standards of the program to strengthen the existing healthcare system.
  • Use the data to boost the effectiveness and efficiencies of the Government at every stage.
  • Take the right steps to deliver quality healthcare services to people across India.
  • Make access to doctors and healthcare providers easy for the patient and share vital information only with the patient’s informed consent. 

Key features of ABDM that are worth knowing 

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission was developed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of Indian healthcare services. A few of its topmost features include the following –

  • Every person considering the Ayushman card apply is given a unique health ID that is stored digitally. This health ID is linked to the medical history of an individual. With ABHA, people will find it easy to share their medical records with healthcare providers for better treatment opportunities.
  • You can register for ABDM for free and at your own will. This means you aren’t compulsorily required to obtain the ID. But if you wish to experience the numerous benefits it can offer, it is encouraged that you apply for your card, too.
  • Since the health ID updates all your medical records in real-time, whatever data you share with your consent to the healthcare providers will eliminate any risk of obtaining irrelevant treatment.
  • Your healthcare data is important. Hence, the account requires you to provide your consent before the data can be shared.
  • You have the right to activate and deactivate the account as per your needs.
  • Creating an Ayushman Bharat Health account is fast and simple. All you need is your contact number or Aadhar number for verification. Even a driving license can come in handy for account registration.

Wrapping up

It is evident from the blog that there are various reasons why one must consider the Ayushman card apply, but the ease of sharing medical records in just a few clicks tops everything.

If you find storing medical records manually a challenging task, then this scheme could be a boon for you. It will also prevent you from the hassle of carrying multiple documents to the clinic.

For assistance with the Ayushman card creation and management, speak with the experts at Bajaj FinServ.

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