How homeopathy treatment can help diabetes

Diabetes is a problem that people all over the world face. Diabetes is caused by an increase in blood sugar levels as a result of inadequate production of insulin in the pancreas. In addition to lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise, medications that help control blood sugar levels are frequently used to treat diabetes. Some people decide to include homeopathic treatment for diabetes in their treatment routine, and it is very effective. Here lies some information that you need to know:


Homeopathic practitioners claim that their medications are entirely natural. They say plants, minerals, or animals are the sources of the ingredients of their medicines. They come in ointments, creams, drops, pills, and sugar pellet forms. Every person receives a different treatment plan; there are no general rules that apply to everyone. A homeopath may provide several treatments and dilutions to different patients with the same disease.

Common homeopathic remedies for diabetes

Homeopathic doctors employ a variety of treatments for symptoms associated with diabetes, which include:

Blood sugar levels

In individuals with type 2 diabetes, the herb Gymnema, also known as Gymnema Sylvestre, may lower blood and urine sugar levels.

Syzygium jambolanum mother tincture: It is the best homeopathic treatment for lowering blood sugar levels. It manages the signs and symptoms of diabetes, including thirst, weakness, and frequent urination. To keep your blood sugar levels within a reasonable range, administer this medication at appropriate intervals.

It helps in the reduction of sugar in urine and the treatment of old skin ulcers brought on by diabetes. Each time you eat, you must take 15 drops of Syzygium jambolanum mother tincture in a half-glass of water.

Numbness: Conium, often known as hemlock, is another herbal treatment. The numbness in the hands or feet brought on by diabetic neuropathy or other nerve damage may be relieved.

Taking diabetes treatment in homeopathy is good for your overall health, and it does not cause side effects.

Kidney function

For people who have diabetes and experience issues with excessive thirst, uranium nitricum and phosphoric acid are common homeopathic remedies (polydipsia). The honeybee (Apis mellifica) can assist your body in releasing surplus fluid from the tissues and enhance urine flow.

Uranium Nitricum: It is a key homeopathy diuretic treatment for diabetes. It helps treat urination with urine incontinence, enuresis, and burning in the urethra. High blood pressure, fatty liver, and elevated blood sugar are all conditions that are treated with uranium nitrate homeopathy.

Infections: To cure infected skin ulcers, calendula or marigold lotion can be applied. Candida may help in the treatment of yeast infections. See your doctor if you have any significant issues, such as infected ulcers brought on by neuropathy. To avoid a major infection, you might require antibiotics.


Phosphorus is a substance that can benefit people with pancreatic diseases, particularly tuberculosis, and elevated blood sugar levels. Patients with diabetes that experience signs like dry mouth and agitation can benefit from phosphorus. Dry and watery stools are also relieved by phosphorus.

Final thoughts

Only take the recommended dose of medications that your doctor prescribes. Your blood sugar levels can be greatly regulated by taking diabetes treatment in homeopathy and changing your eating and resting schedules. You can reach your objective more quickly if you receive regular follow-ups from lifestyle coaches.

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