Pros and cons of weed pens vs Smoking flower

Cannabis pens have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of consuming marijuana. Taking a hit of THC on the go has never been easier thanks to weed pens. How do they compare to smoking traditional cannabis flowers?

Pros of weed pens

  • Convenience – Weed pens are convenient and portable. You take them anywhere easily and most pens have low odor. They allow you to medicate quickly and discreetly.
  • Dosage control – Most weed pens allow you to control the dose by inhaling slowly or quickly. You can then achieve your desired high. With smoking flowers, it is harder to control the exact dosage.
  • No smoke smell – weed pen produces vapor rather than smoke. This results in less odor sticking to clothes, hair, furniture, etc. The smell dissipates quickly rather than lingering.
  • Variety of products – There’s a huge variety of weed pen products to choose from, including disposable vape pens, cartridges, pods, and more. You find options with different cannabis strains, THC/CBD ratios, and flavors.
  • Smoother hit – Many users report weed pens provide a smoother hit than smoking flowers. The vapor is cooler and easier on the throat and lungs than smoke.

Cons of weed pens 

  • Potency can vary – The THC potency of weed pens varies quite a bit between products. Some are much stronger than you expect. It’s important to start slowly when trying a new pen.
  • Potentially higher cost – Weed pens have a higher upfront cost, especially for disposable varieties. However, a quality pen pays for itself over time by using less product per dose.
  • Hardware issues – Pens clog, leak, need charging, or have other hardware problems. Disposable pens circumvent this but produce more waste.

Pros of smoking flower

  • Wider range of effects – The entourage effect from the whole flower’s combination of cannabinoids and terpenes can provide broader therapeutic effects for some users.
  • Natural experience – Smoking flower provides a more “natural” cannabis experience that some see as more medicinal or recreational. The ritual can be part of the enjoyment.
  • Cheaper – Good quality cannabis flower is generally much cheaper to buy in bulk than weed pens. You’re paying for the product itself rather than the hardware.
  • Easier dosing titration – It can be easier to gradually increase dosing by taking more puffs when smoking actual buds. It allows more control over the high.
  • Availability of strains – Any strain you see on a dispensary shelf smoked. More limited options are formulated into pens.

Cons of smoking flower

  • Strong smell – Smoking flower produces a much more potent, lingering smell from smoke. Vapor dissipates much quicker.
  • Less portable – Carrying around buds and paraphernalia is less convenient than a pen that fits in your pocket. Better for home use.
  • Harsher hit – Flower smoke is hot, harsh, and cough-inducing. Vapor is cooler and smoother for most users.

Pens offer convenience and discretion, but lack some of the benefits of whole flowers. It’s hard to beat pens for quick relief.

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