Soberlink’s Blood Alcohol Content Calculator: How Does It Help?

Alcohol should be avoided for at least a few hours after a prior drink. You aren’t in any pain, but are you making wise choices?

A breathalyzer, like the ones police use at traffic stops, may be an effective safety precaution against drunk driving if used properly in the privacy of one’s own home. These devices perform the same purpose as a standard breathalyzer by checking exhaled air for ethanol to determine blood alcohol content (BAC).

Online Alcohol Testing

Although the prospect of undergoing random drug testing to monitor alcohol use may strike terror into the hearts of the newly sober, it is hardly a recipe for tranquility throughout the recovery process. To make things easier, Soberlink promotes consistent testing with accurate BAC monitoring. There is a common misconception that this gadget is a breathalyzer, however that is not the case. Portable breathalyzers that have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration are now available. A portable gadget with face recognition software and a blood alcohol content detector, but no plans to issue DUI citations.

Once a user breathes through Soberlink, their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and a “glam shot” or “sober selfie” are captured and saved to the cloud. When a user reaches a certain BAC, the system can send an email or SMS notification to an assigned group of persons. Then they know for sure that their client or loved one is totally sober. If they haven’t gotten their test results by a certain date, they know to follow up and find out what’s going on.

To what extent does Soberlink help?

Professionals in the field of addiction treatment sometimes utilize Soberlink to track their patients’ development after they’ve completed therapy. Since this is the case, most people who participate in exhale patrol have their test results relayed to a medical professional who specializes in addiction. These specialists have in-depth knowledge of the system and can activate their client and set up a testing (breathing) plan that works best for them.

By providing those in recovery with the means to purchase the product and work independently with the firm, the Share Program has quickly become Soberlink’s most popular offering. The old saying may be true that “money can’t buy happiness,” but it may purchase a sophisticated tool to assist an alcoholic keep their drinking under control.

Learn how to determine blood alcohol content

It should go without saying that operating a car under the influence of alcohol is never appropriate. However, if you have only one drink with dinner or leave the party early if you’ve already had a few, you’ll be OK to drive home. Discover the best soberlink reviews right here.

Before getting behind the wheel, a breathalyzer is a quick and easy method to acquire an objective assessment of your level of intoxication. A reliable gadget can tell you in under a minute if your BAC is really as low as you believe it is, or if you need to head home and sober up.

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