The Benefits Of Using A Skin Traction Kit And Cast Shoe For Injury Recovery

You might have seen people wearing skin traction after an accident when their bones get fractured or dislocated. Have you ever wondered how the skin traction kit works and heals the fracture? Well, today, we are about to understand the benefits of two of the most essential devices a patient uses after a bone injury: skin traction and cast shoe. Alright, so let’s get started.

How Does a Skin Traction Work?

A skin traction kit typically includes components such as adhesive traction tapes, weights, pulleys, and a traction frame or bar. It works by attaching adhesive tapes or strips to the patient’s skin near the affected area and connecting them to weights via pulleys and a frame. The gentle, constant force exerted through these tapes helps align and stabilize the injured or misaligned body part, reducing pain and promoting the natural healing process.

Benefits Of Using Skin Traction Kits

Alignment of fracture: If your bone has been dislocated during an accident, it can be easily aligned to its original position using the skin traction kit.

Relief from pain: Many people experience unbearable pain after a bone injury. So, they can use skin traction to get a sigh of relief from the pain.

Safer treatment: Skin traction offers a safer and more convenient recovery method than other harmful treatment methods like surgery.

Improves comfort: Above all, the patient’s comfort and mobility are greatly enhanced by the skin traction kit. 

What is the Use of Cast Shoes?

Cast shoes are designed to support and protect patients recovering from foot injuries or surgeries. These shoes help the patients by preventing friction and pressure on the injured area so they can easily move without hurting their damaged parts. Essentially, a cast shoe functions as a protective and supportive layer for the injured foot or lower limb, thereby ensuring intactness of the cast,

Benefits of Using Cast Shoes

Promotes mobility: Cast shoes have highly comfortable soles, which allow the patients to walk more comfortably and safely during their recovery period.

Gives support: The sturdy materials used in the shoes provide improved support to the injured limb with soft and cozy soles

Prevents further injuries: If you try to walk around without cast shoes, you might be at risk of further damaging your feet. So, you can prevent any future injuries with cast shoes as they cover up your feet in such a way that the chances of your injury are greatly reduced.


So, if there is a fracture or dislocation in your bone, skin traction is the most reliable medical treatment to heal that fracture or dislocated part. This treatment minimizes muscle spasms and, therefore, promotes the healing process. On the other hand, cast shoes come in handy in the post-traumatic phase. They offer the necessary protection, support, and comfort to the injured part of your body. Cast shoes and skin traction contribute to a faster, reliable, and a more successful recovery from the injury.

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